dear friends

It is an honour to be serving as the 2020 Executive Vice President assigned to Europe. We’re a small continent, but JCI is represented with many National Organizations with a great diversity among them. Some of them dating back over half a century, others have been started only a few years ago, some are large and some are small. Every country has its own language and culture, and its own economic and political situation.

For JCI this means that it can’t be ‘one size fits all’. We don’t decide on a European level which projects you must do, what focus you must have or which members you must recruit. Even at the national level, it can be challenging to decide for the local level. As a member you’re the expert on what your Local Organization and local community needs. Still, you might be in need of some inspiration. Or you might just be curious what members around Europe are doing. Well, you came to the right place! This magazine showcases a wide variety of projects and activities, large and small, executed by Local and National Organizations all over Europe, touching all four areas of opportunity: Individual, Community, Business and International. I invite you to use this magazine for your benefit. Steal the ideas from the presented stories. Adapt them to fit the needs of your Local Organization. Contact the organizers to learn more. And not to forget: show this magazine to potential members and partners. It is always hard to explain what JCI is, because of the broad variety of activities. As pictures say more than a thousand words, I hope the stories in this magazine will do the talking for you.

In JCI we know how to do great projects, but we often forget to document them when they’re done. The risk of one year to lead is the loss of knowledge. This magazine can help us remember our activities. So don’t throw it away after reading it. Keep it and pick it up whenever you are in need of inspiration.

2020 has been a special year. It hasn’t been the year that we planned for. A lot of events have been canceled. But we’re in this organization to learn and to develop ourselves.

Learning begins at the end of our comfort zone. It is great to see the projects that have evolved from this situation and the activities that have been held online. It shows the flexibility of our members and the capability to see opportunities everywhere.

Although I hope we can have events again in the near future, I also wish that we keep the learnings of this period and take the positive aspects of it with us to future activities. I hope you enjoy reading this magazine and that it will bring you exactly what you need. Kind regards, Marion de Groot 2020 JCI Executive Vice President for Europe


Initiator: Marion de Groot - JCI the Netherlands / Europe Editor in Chief: Lotte Nijkamp - JCI the Netherlands Chief Editor: Jonas Christoffersen - JCI Denmark Authors: Katre Laan - JCI Estonia, Alexandra Grahn - JCI Finland, Nicole Borg - JCI Malta, Sven Franzen - JCI Germany Editors: Annie Mihaylova - JCI Bulgaria, Charley van 't Leven - JCI the Netherlands, Alexandra Botos - JCI Romania, Giselle Borg-Oliver - JCI Malta Publisher: Laurens Oude Elberink - JCI the Netherlands