MADDOG will help you achieve your goals

MADDOG will help you achieve your goals

MADDOG is a tool to help you keep on track and be aware of what is important for you. It stands for My Awesome Development Diary of Opportunities and Growth.

By Alexandra Grahn

"It is not a planner or calendar but more of a self-leadership guide," says Jana Havlíčková. Leadership and self-leadership is a very popular and current topic and MADDOG helps people to achieve their goals. It’s also a tool for members to make sure that they get the most out of their time in JCI. "The methodology can also be used by alumni or non-members as long as they want to achieve real results and progress," says Jana Havlíčková. MADDOG was founded in 2017 when members of JCI Pilsen were looking for some cool JCI merchandise. After several brainstorming sessions, focus groups trials and cooperation with other Local Organizations they almost had the final product and their national president Jan Plojhar came up with the fun name. Attract people with leadership potential Currently it is available in a hard-cover version. Because many people find self-leadership interesting, there is also a self-leadership training with MADDOG, that has been attended already by both members and non-members.

"So our puppy also helps to attract people with leadership potential," says Jana Havlíčková.

The plans for MADDOG in the future is to work on spreading the idea into the JCI network as well as online. They are also looking for ambassadors and partners to help to spread the idea and to finance the development of online tools and a mobile app. "If you are passionate about JCI, self-development and want to grow in all areas of your life, please get in touch with us," is the final message from the MADDOG-crew.

Our puppy helps to attract people with leadership potential