The most outstanding new local organization in Europe


The most outstanding new local organization in Europe

From zero to over 40 members in less than a year. JCI Südpfalz has grown quickly and does not intend to slow down.

By Alexandra Grahn

Less is more - team spirit and working together is the recipe for JCI Südpfalz winning the award for Most Outstanding New Local Organization in 2020.

They are one of the fastest growing local JCI Organizations in Germany and have worked hard on promoting development opportunities for members as a key success factor in the expansion of the local organization.

“We are a crazy crowd,” says Martin Kolb, president and founder of JCI Südpfalz.

“We come from different jobs and backgrounds. For example, we have winemakers, which is a common occupation for our region,” says Florian Martin, who himself works in the banking industry and occupies the role of Head of Finance in JCI Südpflaz.

The local organization was founded by a small group of people in October 2019 and has grown quickly.

Going their own way So far this year 32 new members have joined with many others showing interest; the Local Organization currently has 45 members.

“For me we are outstanding because of how different our members are,” says Toni Gerber, in charge of social media for JCI Südpfalz: ”We work together really well.” What also makes the Local Organization outstanding, according to Martin Kolb, is that they go their own way and are not afraid of doing things differently to other Local Organization Despite having very little time at their disposal, in 2019 they managed to host two events. They have a lot planned for 2021 — all of the things they could not do in 2020 because of Covid-19.

“Right now we are planning for our first birthday in October this year,” says Florian Martin.

Criteria for Most Outstanding New Local Organization

A JCI Local Organization that was formed within the eligible timeframe and has done exceptional work carrying out the JCI Mission.

Have done a strategic plan, recruitment strategy, individual development programs and results.

Also community development programs and results, international development programs and results and economic development programs and results.

What is a JCI Award?

JCI members are living the JCI Mission and creating sustainable impact every day. The JCI Awards Program recognizes the projects and the people behind them that are truly exemplary and serve to inspire others to create an impact in their own communities.